PETITION Started to Remove Sen. Chappelle-Nadal From Office — AND Arrest Her


Missouri State Senator Maria Chappelle-Nadal hoped for the assassination of President Trump in a Facebook comment on Thursday then deleted it in a panic. She even acknowledged she would get a visit from the Secret Service for her comment. Maria Chappelle-Nadal’s Facebook comment was so egregious that even ABC News reported on the story. Then on Thursday Chappelle-Nadal tweeted out a Holocaust threat to […]

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Robert F. Kennedy Jr. Drops A Bomb: “Donald Trump Could Be The Greatest President In History”


Kirsters Baish| Former President John F. Kennedy’s son, Robert F. Kennedy Jr., made it extremely clear how he felt about America’s new leader earlier this year. During an interview with Leftist CNN, Kennedy made a statement that would leave Liberals in shock and dismay. Kennedy was quoted saying “Donald Trump could be the greatest president in history if he wanted […]

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‘Give Up The Home You Own’: Black Lives Matter Activist Makes List Of ‘Requests’ For White People


An activist associated with the Black Lives Matter movement recently offered a list of requests for white people. In the post, Helm opens by telling white people, “if you don’t have any descendants, will your property to a black or brown family. Preferably one that lives in generational poverty.” White people who can “an afford to downsize” are urged to […]

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Justin Trudeau Does Bizarre About-Face on Welcoming Refugees, Makes it Sound Like a ‘Bowel Movement’

Liberal Leader Justin Trudeau speaks to media during a break at the federal Liberal summer caucus meeting in Edmonton on Tuesday, Aug. 19, 2014. THE CANADIAN PRESS/Jason Franson

This is about as tough as Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau is going to get. Seven months after telling refugees blocked by President Donald Trump’s temporary travel ban to come to Canada, the progressive prime minister has done an about-face. He warned on Sunday, after a meeting with Irish Prime Minister Leo Varadkar in Montreal that refugees must come to […]

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ALERT: Antifa Just Got Horrible News


Since their violent protests at Trump’s inauguration, Antifa (“anti-Fascists) protesters have become a growing threat. One petition on the “We the People” petition site for the White House, seeks to change that. A petition to have Antifa formally recognized as a terrorist organization has reached more than 100,000 signatures, which could lead to a response from the White House. Terrorism is “the […]

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Ana Navarro Has Eclipse Viewing Experience Ruined Because Trump Is President


Republican strategist and political commentator Ana Navarro is not going to have a good time watching the historic total solar eclipse Monday. The eclipse, which happens only once in a lifetime, will be ruined for Navarro because of President Donald Trump. Navarro said she is too “worried” about the “broken state of our nation” and “President Loco” to enjoy the eclipse: Guys, I'm having a really […]

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