IT’S OFFICIAL: Megyn Kelly Is Finished


Megyn Kelly was her own ruin. The former Fox News host has no one to blame for the failure of her Sunday night news magazine show but herself. Last week, Kelly received the bad news that her new NBC offering, Sunday Night with Megyn Kelly, will be taken off the air early due to disastrous ratings. Kelly’s fate was sealed […]

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Report: Mattis Blasts ISIS Stronghold – Look What Was Inside


Since taking command, President Trump has stepped up the fight against ISIS, and the terrorist group is almost completely destroyed. The Washinton Examiner is reporting that American airstrikes destroyed a building in Syria that officials suspect was being used by ISIS to produce chemical weapons. The building was destroyed as US-backed forces in Syria continue to conquer the ISIS capital […]

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BREAKING: Eric Bolling ‘Accuser’ Comes Clean…


Fox News host Eric Bolling was suspended from the network on Saturday after he was accused of sexual harassment. However, one of his alleged “accusers” has just come forward to clarify that she was never harassed by Bolling in any way. Bizpac Review reported that after Bolling was suspended, rumors started swirling that he texted unsolicited photos of male genitalia […]

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BREAKING: North Korea Makes Massive War Move


The major development surrounding North Korea continue with the rogue regime’s most aggressive move yet: a threat to of a possible missile strike on the US Pacific territory of Guam. CNBC reports that a Korean People’s Army spokesman revealed that the regime is “carefully examining” an attack on Guam, which will be “put into practice in a multi-current and consecutive […]

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Every Single Republican Member Of The House Judiciary Committee Just Signed This Letter To Jeff Sessions


The easiest way to spot a whiney liberal is this – he’ll demand special privileges, and then complain when those privileges are granted to everyone. He’ll want a safe space. But if you demand a safe space from his angry rants, he’ll claim you’re restricting his freedom of speech. He’ll want freedom of conscience. But if you demand the same […]

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BREAKING: Top Trump Advisor Connected to George Soros. What Should Trump Do?


One of the greatest challenges President Trump currently faces is dealing with administrators who do not share his views on American policy. The president relies on the expertise of long-time government officials, some of whose loyalties lie elsewhere. Since adding H.R. McMaster to the administration, Trump and the national security advisor have had their ideological differences. Now, has revealed that McMaster […]

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