RUSH LIMBAUGH: DOJ Inspector General’s “Dynamite” Report Set To Blow Mueller Probe To “Smithereens”


Nationally-syndicated radio host Rush Limbaugh told his millions of listeners this week that he believes the Justice Department Inspector General’s report on the FBI’s handling of the Hillary Clinton email probe will blow special counsel Robert Mueller’s probe to “smithereens.”   Rush Limbaugh told his listeners Wednesday: “Well, there is a theory out there that holds that the inspector general has a […]

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Greatest Stock Market Rally Ever: Dow Up Most points in a Calendar Year Ever – Ties Record for Most All-Time Highs in a Year!!!


Guest post by Joe Hoft The Dow ended up again today at another all-time high for the 69th time this year – matching the record for a calendar year set in 1995. At the bell the Dow closed at its highest closing amount ever at 24,651. Since last year’s election the Dow is up over 34%! * The Dow has increased more that 6,300 points since […]

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Obama AG Eric Holder Threatens GOP Congress: ‘Any attempt to remove Bob Mueller will not be tolerated’


Former Obama Attorney General Eric Holder threatened Republicans in Congress against removing Special Counsel Robert Mueller the day after GOP congressmen grilled Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein over Mueller stacking his team of Trump investigators with Hillary Clinton donors and lawyers. Holder issued his threat in a tweet Wednesday morning. Eric Holder, image via screengrab. “Speaking on behalf of the […]

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BOOM! GOP Rep. Jim Jordan: I Think We Have Proof FBI Worked Against Republican Party During Election (Video)


Rep. Jim Jordan (R-OH) dropped this bomb on Lou Dobbs on Wednesday.  This was after Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein’s testimony today before the House Judiciary Committee. Jordan joined Lou Dobbs after grilling Rosenstein earlier in the day. Rep. Jim Jordan: Listen you can’t make this stuff up. It gets worse each and every day… What deep down scares me, if this actually […]

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SICK! Liberals Cheer Suicide of Rep. Dan Johnson ‘Roy Moore Should Follow His Example’


As previously reported, Kentucky State Representative Dan Johnson, who was under investigation for alleged sexual molestation, committed suicide on Wednesday evening. Johnson vehemently denied the charges and was never charged criminally. Evil liberals cheered Johnson’s suicide. He was a father and grandfather.   On Tuesday, Johnson had stated that he had no intention of resigning and giving up his seat. Johnson […]

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Trey Gowdy GOES OFF on Rosenstein About DOJ, FBI Corruption and Conflicts of Interest in Epic 6 MINUTE Rant (VIDEO)


Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein testified before the House Judiciary Committee on Wednesday morning. Chairman of the House Judiciary Committee Bob Goodlatte called for the hearing after recent media reports revealed the political motives of Special Counsel Mueller’s staff.   Trey Gowdy (SC) went off on Rosenstein in an epic 6 minute tirade about the conflicts of interest and corruption in the DOJ […]

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Tom Fitton Proven Right *Again* After Sessions DOJ Refuses to Reveal Details on “King” Mueller’s Ethics Waiver


Judicial Watch president Tom Fitton blasted “King” Robert Mueller following reports of the Sessions Justice Department refusing to reveal details on the special counsel’s ethics waiver. Approval of the waiver paved the way for Mueller to lead the ‘Russia interference’ investigation.  POLITICO reports: In response to a POLITICO Freedom of Information Act request, the agency released a one-sentence memo Friday confirming that Mueller was granted […]

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Pentagon Defies Commander in Chief Trump – Will Allow Transgenders into Military in January


Let’s face it. We live in a lawless country. Obama caused much more ruin than any of us realized. The Pentagon announced today they will defy their Commander in Chief and allow transgenders into the military.   The AP reported: The Pentagon is allowing transgender people to enlist in the military beginning Jan. 1, despite President Donald Trump’s opposition. The new policy […]

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