Giuliani Puts the Corrupt Mueller Team on Notice: “We’re Ready to Rip Them Apart if that’s What They Want!”


Former Federal Prosecutor and New York City Mayor Rudy Giuliani was on Laura Ingraham’s ‘The Ingraham Angle’ on FOX News last night. Rudy and all of America know there is no collusion between President Trump and Russia and so Rudy encouraged the corrupt Mueller team to wrap it up. Rudy discussed the corrupt Mueller investigation that has now been going […]

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Mueller subpoenas former Roger Stone media adviser


Special counsel Robert Mueller has subpoenaed a social media specialist who previously worked for Trump campaign adviser Roger Stone, according to a report. A lawyer for social media and Twitter expert Jason Sullivan told Reutersthat two subpoenas were delivered last week to Sullivan’s lawyers. The report says the subpoenas seem to indicate that Mueller’s investigation into Russian meddling in the 2016 presidential election is partly […]

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These Senators Took Money from Iran Lobby Before Vote on Obama’s Nuke Deal — Iran Threatens to Out Bribed Officials


Last week President Trump withdrew from the sham Iranian nuclear deal. President Trump knew the deal with the Iranian mullahs was not working. This was despite former Secretary of State John Kerry working against the Trump administration to salvage the weak deal with the Iranian regime. Of course, the Iranian regime is very upset with President Trump’s decision. Iran’s Foreign Ministry Spokesman Hossein […]

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Gavin Newsom: Trump Like ‘Nazis’ for Calling MS-13 Illegals ‘Animals,’ Could Cause ‘Genocides’


California Lieutenant Governor and gubernatorial candidate Gavin Newsom said on Wednesday that President Donald Trump is like a slave owner and Nazi for referring to MS-13 illegal immigrant gangsters as “animals.” He also added that Trump’s “hateful rhetoric” can lead to “hate crimes” and “genocides” “Today the President of the United States referred to immigrants as ‘animals,’” Newsom tweeted, distorting […]

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Jimmy Kimmel: American People Have Had Enough Trump-Bashing


Late-night comedian Jimmy Kimmel says that the American people have had enough of the type of anti-Trump humor that he regularly spews and that it is now time for him to “make fun of ourselves.” In an interview with Deadline, Kimmel was asked whether he had prepared a “barrelful of barbs” for President Trump in his upcoming standup routine for […]

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SNL Moms Chastise Cast Members for Being Too Political in Cold Open


“Saturday Night Live” mixed things up this week, electing to bring on cast members’ mothers to honor them the night before Mother’s Day instead of lampooning President Donald Trump and his administration. “Normally we open this show with a political sketch, which can sometimes be divisive. But since tomorrow is Mother’s Day, we’re going to focus on something we can […]

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Kelly: ‘Astounding’ That Democrats Reject Trump Immigration Compromise


White House chief of staff John Kelly told NPR that he is astounded by the Democrats’ refusal to accept President Donald Trump’s immigration compromise offer of citizenship for 1.8 million DACA illegals. “It is astounding to me with all of my interactions [about immigration] with the Hispanic Caucus, the Democratic Caucus, all of that, that when this stuff was served […]

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Obamas celebrate Mother’s Day


Former President Obama celebrated Mother’s Day with a Twitter tribute to his wife and mother-in-law. “Happy Mother’s Day to every mom out there, especially the remarkable moms in my life, Michelle Obama, and my mother-in-law, Marian Robinson,” he wrote. Happy Mother’s Day to every mom out there, especially the remarkable moms in my life, @MichelleObama and my mother-in-law, Marian Robinson. — Barack […]

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