BREAKING: Wikileaks Founder Julian Assange Reveals Islamic Oct. Surprise That Will Destroy Hill


Wikileaks founder Julian Assange has threatened to release more incriminating emails about Democrat presidential candidate Hillary Clinton before Election Day in what fearful Democrats have begun describing as a potential “October surprise.” Specifically, Assange planned to release emails that show the ties between Clinton and Saudi Arabia, according to Fox News. “Saudi Arabia is probably the largest single donor to […]

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North Carolina Just Made Drug Testing MANDATORY For ALL Welfare Recipients – Results Are FAR WORSE Than Anyone Expected…


There’s a growing culture within American society that apparently believes that government should be financially responsible for the well-being of individuals receiving government entitlements, even if they’re willfully irresponsible. And as suspected the results was eye-opening, in that approximately ¼ of all the applicants tested positive for drug use, or more precisely 21 out of 89 individuals tested positively for […]

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RACIST BLM ACTIVIST: Dear White People if Trump Wins Young Niggas Such as Myself Will Incite Riots Everywhere


RACIST BLM ACTIVIST: Dear White People if Trump Wins Young Niggas Such as Myself Will Incite Riots Everywhere (by 100% FED Up ( If this group is truly angry about their place in life then they should look to Obama who has done NOTHING to help black unemployment. Black unemployment for young men is sky high! Before you point your […]

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Miley Cyrus pledges to leave US if Trump wins


Miley Cyrus pledges to leave US if Trump wins. Miley Cyrus is pledging to leave the country if GOP White House hopeful Donald Trump becomes president. “Honestly f— this s— I am moving if this is my president!” the 23-year-old “We Can’t Stop” singer wrote to her more than 38 million Instagram followers on Wednesday. In a lengthy post that […]

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ISIS Just Outsmarted Every Single Democrat! Trump Was Right On Everything

In this photo provided by the Library of Congress, President Abraham Lincoln, seated and holding his spectacles and a pencil on Feb. 5, 1865. (AP Photo/Library of Congress/Alexander Gardner)

Weeks after Democrats mocked Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump for his views on refugee migration, he has been proven right. According to The Washington Examiner, German security officials are now warning that an attack in the country by Islamic State group affiliates was imminent, due to sleeper cell members who have entered Germany disguised as refugees. Manfred Hauser, deputy head of […]

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CNN Caught Red Handed Falsely Adding Incendiary Racist Quotes Over Trumps Statements


CNN just reached a new low—and that’s saying a lot for them. According to reports, the network intentionally added the word “racial” to a statement that Donald Trump made about immigration and terrorism. The addition made it appear as if the Republican presidential nominee was advocating, “racial profiling.” This outrageous tactic came just days after the network was caught editing […]

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Latest Poll: Donald Trump Has His Largest Lead Over “Sick Hillary” Yet!


As more questions are raised about Hillary Clinton’s declining health, Donald Trump is breaking records! Now, he holds his largest lead ever against “sick Hillary.” The latest Rasmussen poll shows that, as more voters are paying attention to the race, millions of voters find Hillary Clinton’s criminal behavior to be unacceptable. This is shaking the political establishment to the core! […]

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