BOOM: Gun-Lover Jan Morgan Backs Trump After Hot-Mic Leak, Puts Paul Ryan In His PLACE


Jan Morgan, a Second Amendment expert and proud Donald Trump supporter, fired off an important message regarding Trump’s hot-mic moment from 2005 — and included a blistering rebuke of Speaker Paul Ryan: “I am a WOMAN and I proudly support Donald Trump! “I don’t care what Donald Trump said about women ten years ago in what was supposed to be a private conversation with […]

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ELDER PATRIOT – The FBI’s 108 year-long stellar reputation for uncompromised investigations has been sullied by, who else, the Clintons who corrupt everything they come in contact with.  So say veteran FBI agents who are disgusted with Director James Comey for knuckling under to the demands and conditions of Clinton’s aides prior to agreeing to them handing over evidence and/or […]

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VIDEO: Hillary May Be Finished After America Sees This “Racist” Rant


Throughout the election cycle, Democrat nominee Hillary Clinton has attacked Republican rival Donald Trump for his allegedly “racist” statements. However Clinton herself espoused many of the policies that Trump is in favor of during her very long political career. A video uploaded to YouTube by “Prissy Holly” showed how Clinton has made statements almost identical to Trump’s over the past decades. “We […]

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BREAKING: Chelsea Clinton Just Got Busted…


The Clinton family has been the epitome of hypocrisy for decades, and it isn’t just former President Bill Clinton and current Democrat presidential nominee Hillary Clinton who live up to that reputation. Chelsea Clinton, their daughter, has also carried out her family’s mantra — “not for thee, but for me” — as she recently showed just how hypocritical she could be in one day. […]

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WATCH: Hannity and Kelly Face Off In Angry Battle Over Trump


Early October marked the 20th anniversary of the Fox News Channel’s first broadcast, but instead of being a time of celebration, it turned into a battle of the titans. The battle reportedly broke out Wednesday evening, when top host Megyn Kelly fired a shot at GOP presidential candidate Donald Trump and his close friend, fellow Fox host Sean Hannity. “Donald Trump, with […]

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Obama FURIOUS After Petition To Take Him Down Goes VIRAL… Americans CHEERING


Nearly 140,000 people have signed a petition to stop President Barack Obama’s approximately $30,000 monthly salary ($400,000 annually) while he’s campaigning for Hillary. He’s currently earning that salary comprised of tax dollars from hardworking Americans while playing golf, going on his endless vacations, causing race wars, and yes, campaigning for Hillary Clinton. It has many Americans OUTRAGED, and rightfully so! […]

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