Tim Allen: ‘The Clintons Are Like Herpes’


Actor Tim Allen says, “The Clintons are like herpes: Just when you think they’re gone, they show up again.” In an interview with The Hollywood Reporter, Allen, who plays the conservative leaning Mike Baxter on “Last Man Standing,” didn’t hold back when he was asked about politics and the current election cycle.  When asked about what “riles” him up the […]

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BREAKING: U.S. House Just Voted To Stop Obama… It’s About Time!


America has a long-standing tradition of never negotiating with terrorists. But President Barack Obama threw that out the window, by using more than $400 million as “leverage” in the release of four Americans held by the Iranian regime.  The Obama Administration has continued sending this hostile government billions of dollars, and yet Iran is still a dangerous nuclear threat. Now, […]

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Trump hits Obama for campaigning for Clinton instead of ‘working’


Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump is slamming President Obama for campaigning for Hillary Clinton in Philadelphia, saying he should focus on his job and stay off the campaign trail. “Why isn’t President Obama working instead of campaigning for Hillary Clinton?” Trump tweeted late Tuesday evening. Donald J. Trump        ✔ @realDonaldTrump Why isn’t President Obama working instead of […]

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Chelsea Clinton: So What If My Dad Allegedly Raped Someone, Republicans Use “Hate Speech”


On Sunday, in an interview with the liberal-cesspool that poses as a woman’s magazine, Cosmopolitan, Chelsea Clinton consummated her position as a Clinton attack-dog by throwing every name in the leftist playbook at Republican presidential candidates while whitewashing her father’s sexual transgressions, which include alleged rape. When Chelsea, 35, was specifically asked what she thought about Donald Trump calling her father “an abuser of women” […]

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WHOA: Look what’s happened to Hillary’s poll numbers since SUNDAY…


In addition to pneumonia, Democrat presidential nominee Hillary Clinton is recovering from a terrible, horrible, no good very bad weekend. On the heels of declaring half of Trump’s supporters a “basket of deplorables,” Hillary collapsed at the 9/11 memorial ceremony. Matters were only made were by a stream of ensuing — and contradictory — excuses and the ultimate disclosure that the campaign […]

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Would Greta Van Sustern Be a Better Debate Host Than Megyn Kelly?


With the 2016 Presidential debate right around the corner,  many continue to question the relationship between former debate host, Megyn Kelly, and Republican nominee Donald Trump. Megyn Kelly has a tempestuous relationship with Donald Trump which could lead to yet another biased debate. While Greta Van Susteren is known to hammer her guests with non-relenting questions similar to a prosecutor. […]

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