After Seeing Violence in Virginia, President Trump and Melania Do the UNTHINKABLE!


On Saturday morning, a state of emergency was declared in Charlottesville, VA by Gov. Terry McAuliffe. The violence that erupted from a “Unite the Right” rally in Emancipation Park was the reason for the emergency declaration. The violent behavior began when protesters from white supremacists, armed right-wing militias and alt-right groups were countered by protesters from leftist groups such as Black Lives […]

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After Venezuela President Requests Phone Call, Trump STUNS with SHOCKING Response


On Friday, Venezuelan President Nicola Maduro requested a phone call with President Trump. However, as a result of the dictatorship that Maduro has established in Venezuela, Trump gave him a stunning reply! According to a recent White House statement, President Trump refused to speak with Maduro on the phone. White House press secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders gave a short statement […]

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BREAKING: GOP Traitors Just Got Horrific News


Let this be a lesson to the GOP; the American people won’t settle for officials who are just marginally better than the Democrats. The message is clear: honor our President, and our priorities. GOP Senators will be facing well-funded primary challengers, in part thanks to Robert Mercer’s $300,000 donation to a PAC supporting a challenger to a prominent Republican detractor, […]

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Dem “Leader” Just Claimed Trump is Worse than Kim Jong-un


It’s official. Democrats have gone completely mental. They’re actually choosing the tyrannical view points of Kim Jong Un over President Trump.  The latest liberal moron to pick North Korea’s side is Keith Ellison, who said that Kim Jong Un is more “responsible” than Trump. From Free Beacon Ellison spoke critically of Trump’s handling of the situation and called the North […]

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Late-Night Hosts Freak Out Over Trump’s Warning to North Korea: ‘You’re Gonna Get Us All Killed!’


Late-night hosts across the major broadcast networks attacked President Donald Trump on Tuesday after the president warned North Korea that continued threats against the United States would met with a “fire and fury like the world has never seen.” After news leaked that North Korea could possess the ability to produce miniaturized nuclear warheads, President Trump said Kim Jung Un’s […]

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Al Qaeda Urges US Jihadis to Attack New Form of Transporation


Al Qaeda has issued orders for jihadists to target a new form of transportation in America, and it could have devastating results. In an upcoming edition of its terror magazine, Inspire, the group is calling on militants to target trains and subways, The Washington Times reported. The terrorist group released a video explaining the instructions on train derailment with devices “made from readily available […]

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