Miley Cyrus: ‘I’m Sorry Donald Trump, But Texas Shooting Is On You And Your…’

After the haotic shooting at a church in Texas, Miley Cyrus seems, by all circumstances, annoyed and has taken to social media to denounce weapon violence, especially President Trump and the shooter.

Last Monday, “The Voice” mentor posted a picture of content to her Instagram posting the casualties of the shooting assault. In her emotional subtitle, she mourns how nauseating such a demonstration is and features the shooter as a psychological militant and “WHITE AMERICAN MAN!” She later notes that she’s both “disgusted” and “humiliated” by her nation for not making a move on firearm violence.

The post got a considerable measure of consideration, inciting the star to compose another. In the second one, she mentions Trump and his response to the disaster.

“I’d like to believe that EVERY person who takes the life of another being is ‘mentally ill,’” she stated, citing the president’s words.

“It’s hard to conceptualize that a sane human could commit such a hideous crime. BUT I am sorry Donald Trump this absolutely is a ‘GUNS SITUATION.’ “



The “Wrecking Ball” vocalist went ahead after the critics of her past post who noticed that the shooter’s skin color or gender shouldn’t make any difference. Cyrus announced that she trusts things like skin color, sexual orientation and religion appear to issue when it comes to classifying terrorist movement.

“DONT START to be all innocent! Gender, race, & religion HAS and continues to matter for all the wrong reasons & that’s only the beginning of how backwards this country is!”

The star finished her Instagram tirade with an endeavor to demonstrate she’s not slandering white Americans by posting three pictures of her with her dad, Billy Ray Cyrus, and two siblings, Braison and Trace, taking note of that they were a couple of her “most loved WHITE AMERICAN MALES… “



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